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Top Flames Europe B.V. is powered by De Lange B.V. De Lange B.V. has a durable, rock-solid reputation as a specialist in the production of sawdust for cattle farms, firelogs for the retail sector and pellets for domestic and industrial applications. Reuse and sustainability are at the heart of De Lange’s products, applications and business operations.

The highest standards

As a subsidiary of De Lange B.V., these principles are also the guiding light of Top Flames Europe B.V. We maintain the highest standards in firelog production, achieving maximum efficiency and fireside glow, while minimising our impact on the environment. We take note of current sustainability requirements and then set the bar even higher, striking an ideal balance between convenience, yield and impact. When it comes to environmental impact, we set our standards sky high. Our products pass the most stringent professional and legal scrutiny with flying colours.

The full range

Thanks to state-of-the-art production lines, Top Flames Europe B.V. produces firelogs in a full range of sizes and burn times, from 200 grams all the way up to 2 kilos. For our private label products, we can deliver any desired burn time on this spectrum.

Cleaner than wood or coal

In producing our firelogs, we use residual products from the wood processing industry, turning ‘wood waste’ into premium products for open hearth fireplaces and stoves. Our firelogs consist primarily of a mixture of sawdust and paraffin, to deliver a far cleaner burn than wood or coal.

Our own biomass plant

In addition, our parent company De Lange B.V. takes residual products often regarded as unusable and puts them to CO2-neutral use at our very own power plant in De Lier, in the Netherlands’ horticultural heartland. This power plant runs 24/7 and generates 800kW of green electricity per hour. Its power output is then fed back into the grid. The residual heat released is pumped through to local market gardeners, boosting their sustainability across 20 hectares of greenhouse cultivation.

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