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Our webserver will never automatically keep track of your domain name or your email address.

During your visits to our website, we only store information you have voluntarily provided (for example research information and/or site registration).

This information is used to process orders.

The information is only used internally and will not be passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.

This site uses cookies for order processing purposes (a cookie is a small file sent by your Internet server that installs itself on your computer’s hard drive. This file keeps track of the website you visited by storing some data used).

We have no partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the Internet.

When we transfer or receive data on our website, we always use coding technologies considered industry standards within the IT sector.

When we receive or transfer specific sensitive information such as financial information or health information, we use a secure server. You will be informed of this via a screen displayed on our website (pop-up).

We have taken the necessary safety measures to prevent the loss or wrongful use of or changes to information we receive on our website.

How to contact us if you have any questions in connection with our privacy policy?

If you wish to comment on our privacy policy, please contact us by email at:

About communication by email

If you do not wish to receive any emails from us in the future, then please contact us at the above-mentioned email address.

About communication by letter

If you share your postal address with us via the web, you will only receive the information you have requested at the address you have shared with us.

About communication by telephone

If you share your telephone number with us via our website, our company will only contact you by telephone in the event that this is necessary to inform you about the orders you have placed online.

In the event that you do not or no longer wish to receive any addressed advertising materials and/or sales calls, please make this known via the Infofilter Foundation website:

Our company may use consumer information for new objectives not yet covered by our privacy policy. Should this apply to you, then we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, to inform you of the applicable changes to our rules for the protection of your personal data and to give you the opportunity to refuse to participate.

On request we will provide the visitors of our website with all the information we have stored relating to them and their visit. If you wish to have access to this information, please contact us at the address mentioned above.

On request we will also give visitors to our website the opportunity to modify any inaccurate information we have stored relating to them or their visit. If you wish to modify your personal information, please contact us at the address mentioned above.

If you feel that our website does not comply with our privacy policy then please also contact us at the address mentioned above.

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